Renewal Kangoo Jumps Instructor Licences

 109.00 Inc.VAT

As part of our advanced training, we now offer Renewal for all Kangoo Jumps Programmes™!!! Instructors will have the option of renewing the license for a further 2 years using a video. You will receive documents with detailed information and the license agreement by e-mail after purchasing online. The video will  be viewed by Jekaterina Makarova Kangoo Jumps Official Trainer and then you will receive feedback, if necessary suggestions for corrections and a confirmation and new license for another 2 years.
The video must be recorded with at least 2 participants (instructor + 1 customer).
Video length 5-10 mins
Video content:
Structure of a choreography with all 5 basic steps
Knees up
Side lift
Leg curl
Pendulum + Jumping Jack
Music: 32 Counts (4x 8 counts)

Clean execution of the basic steps and start with the big one.